Weekly round-up
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

RuneScape what did you do to abyssal demons?? I'd prefer them to look like the old concept art here. that's the new cocept art, the old concept art is what they went for. they changed the colour though.

RS Is a Great Game and i usually agree with the changes they developers have made (EoC FTW!) >>BUT<< These Capes Look Like Absolute Crap. I will not be looking for shards to make these monstrosities...

I voted for the cape update a while ago and have been cheerfully waiting to see what the new look would be. Now, im just annoyed that i voted to create such trash

So excited for the elf city... Possibly even more excited for the new slayer master... Kuradal hates me with a passion.Cooking/Crafting/Construction cape combined? That or awesome protective helmet to wear during the one goblin quest when he blows up the cauldron.

It is back, but it's purely cosmetic now. When modifying your rewards via the statues in the wave waiting rooms, when selecting XP you select the skill you want it in right there and you're awarded with BXP at the end of each wave.

wtf is 100% exp aura next time in use more 276 dys for 2 some bug or them change it again ? for bring us bot enough hard lvl up, and no any one play years any day alot for some good skills..-- If you read the update more attentively, you'd know that Enlightenment was just a Summer thing and will be back next summer, it is no bug whatsoever.

The capes from the elf clans look AMAZING but I'm sorry, these new capes look half assed and horrible. I expected a lot more.

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