We actually had the ideal memories in RS
Monday, July 07, 2014

"I remember bounty hunter the original a single  but not crucible! also special violence! those were awe-inspiring  i would enjoy old school yet i love awesome exchange so yes... brilliant game although a little ruined by change, we wish they could release another thing like oldschool but the day before eoc."

"From the when the r2h was a baby blue stick. while arrows were eco-friendly dots and miraculous spells were azure dots. This game was at sixteen bit graphics at this point it's 64bits with high def."

" Capitulation of 2004, walk in the wilds after I lastly got to perform at home rather than just at school.. I used to be on dial up and I saved the client.. Consequently Im walking over the wilderness and bang a pile I mean A PILE connected with bronze and iron swords and battle suits.. boy was We excited.. it can get bashed for this, but when sweet treasure came out in fally W2 folks would sell old staffs for 150k ea, inside varrock you may trade them intended for granite mauls (1M at some time) and cannons.. sensed bad but such good cash flow!"

"Running rune bars from Fat Investor to Bluerose to create Rune squares... Also trading coal intended for runebars to Extra fat Trader as very well... Giving away all my christmas crackers the year after they dropped... Giving away all my my personal masks when i quit for the actual 6th time... One of the most memorable moment during my RS history has been when I was a student in Draynor and that will witch stole like 5g from everyone or something.I called her a very bad name haha and one of the gowers teleported myself to their top floor apartment."

"I remember when runescape, the same as IO interactive's hitman franchise, altered to attract fresh people but never stay true to their most loyal players"

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