Treasures of Tirannwn
Thursday, August 21, 2014

Complete Plague's End and you'll generate the biggest reward yet bestowed by a RuneScape quest: usage of Prifddinas, Lost City of the Elves - coming soon.

We're putting the finishing touches towards the city now, and you'll visualize it open next a couple of months.\

Here is the update of the season: an entirely new city to understand more about, crammed to its crystalline rafters rich in-level content - as voted for by you.

Prifddinas will become a property hub for players of level 75 up, offering training on the eight elven clans, Grand Exchange access, new transport options and amazing  crystal weaponry.

The Elf City will open very soon, but fo the time being, Plague's End has other rewards so that you can enjoy.

First there is not any below 500,000 XP across 10 skills. There is also the exoskeleton - a marvellous machine which has a choice of thieving benefits. Finally, you get a fresh title: "from the Elves".

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