The revolutionary Starter Zone Interview
Friday, November 14, 2014

RuneScape devs are hard at work refining the 1st area that new players face when entering the sport. We managed to overtake Lewis Macguire to speak about the top modifications in the starter zone. Keep reading!

    Lewis Macguire: The trolls on Death Plateau ended up massing their forces on an attack within the 'stoo-ped hoo-mans' to the south, with the trollish intentions of smashing all of their homes, stealing almost all their stuff, so eating them (and their smashed houses!).RuneScape gold. 

 The Imperial Guard have mounted a defensive effort, and possess for the most part held back the trolls a result of the strategic layout in the area, however, the trolls became more sneaky and so are mounting underground assaults from your cave system.

Holding back this new threat leaves the time in Burthorpe and Taverley stretched thin; people are starving, the army is ill-equipped, and also the trolls' attacks have more ferocious every single day… The people need a hero. That's where you join the action.

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