The precious memories inside RS
Monday, July 07, 2014

" I recall fighting an antediluvian mage the evening desert treasure came out. Ice magic was crazy. The twenty-four hours the brimhaven donjon launched was amazing too. When I got my first skill ness. Fondest memory had been blown away whenever classic changed in rs2."

"The first-time I won a higher stakes DA match 650m with some sort of phat for A phat and three or more sets of debbie claws when they where new. The match went on for 4 units and 32 moments. It was the anything goes match up I swaped arhims and good bandos with the actual ags and deb claw combo. Bought him with a new 112 for a KO one attack."

" I remember being 12 and having this very extensive on the web family tree!And we all lived with Rimmington, and every afternoon after institution we'd just broil cake and try to sell them infront of Varrock West traditional bank."

" So many full memories versus the few bad people but my fondest has been in Catherby to be a low lvl battle and being bombarded by The Unpleasant Chicken. As I am swinging my Rune Scimmy, wearing my own Frog Leathers the opposite fishermen are having bets how lengthy I'll last in addition to who would have the stuff I dropped. They all grumbled as One killed the chicken. I still similar my Frog Leathers once in awhile and miss that evil chicken sometimes."

"I believe it is amazing how farmville will mute anyone for 2 days and nights and tell you to look at your current active offenses as to why. But when you appear at the criminal acts it says congratulations you have no active offenses next to you but you are still muted for zero reason. Nice Jagex thanks for the awesome reasonings."

" i recall old runescape as soon as it was entertaining for me along with my friends then when i got ninety nine cooking then doing some fishing i also remeber when i obtained my first whipe for iv mil and bought 70 attack i used to be only lvl seventy one using a whiplash lol...sigh my partner and i miss those times."

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