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Monday, July 07, 2014

"From the before they explained RS2 would remain free if men and women voted for that, they said Runescape 2 would ALWAYS be totally free. If it had been always free, they do not need to have people vote on there, the having folks voting for it had been an forced substitute for give RS2 a chance to turn to P2P, if it works out P2P, the players can't really guilt Jagex for the idea. The voting it to be F2P was only to get increased earnings(if it ended up P2P) and free advertisement since folks would talk concerning this to other folks and try to get them to vote."

"When every minute was packed together with planning, action ,along with excitement where Protections had a function and you may be attacked anywhere. Whenever training on Dark-colored Knights was the important challenge."

" I recall the days people use dragon claws/armadyl godsword specific attack to knock out others in pvp(wildy, soul conflicts, etc) that slice and dice(four swift slashes) or the judgement(1 effective slash) can deal lots of damage to opponent within a number of game ticks and all of other special assaults(e.g. korasi sword, saradomin sword, and so forth)…truly amazing!

Jagex, now you made EoC directly into RS(removed particular attack), have an individual forgetten to include passive effect to the weapons that used to own special attack? (We appreciate you include the passive consequences into godswords, but you have forgotten flying lizard claws, saradomin brand, and anything more that falls in to this)"

"I miss running for playing from enemies since they didn't always have to be clicked to invasion. The Old Sorcerer Tower before it really is impossibly laggy revise. I miss the earlier way the virtual representations of personnel used to stand, walk, and function before EoC. I do not like how grandiloquent the avatars looking now. I misfire the old people to the avatars as well, as well as hate how they will stand while within combat, or jogging from combat. One miss when the actual staffs were kept like a walking stick. I miss the old combat, and the way certain moves looked so much chillier and more mystical then what incorporates EoC. I skip when the gamy seemed dangerous, now it is too easy, whilst a noob. I still play and i also don't mind EoC so practically...but it's truly not as enjoyment as it used to be before EoC. JS. Everything ahead of EoC was a new masterpiece of simplicity. Now it's just been changed too considerably."

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