Our reminiscences about runesacape
Monday, July 07, 2014

"I recall back in year 2000 before they caused it to be 3-D there is always santa loath drops at karjama docks in i got 3 santas n these were only worth 400k then 8 weeks later it would be a cpl mill i'd been pissd lol."

"Going in like RS 2.5 or something like that there was a large new graphical bring up to date that let the particular screen be broader and enhanced the end results and details. All of us thought that would definitely make Runescape negative, when ultimately, that's the last good memory in RS. RS 07-10 FTW."

" I liked when there had been jobs, and One miss the initial tutorial island which is how I first learned to enjoy, you spawn within a hut, get used to moving around in addition to go to all the npcs to learn the different skills as well as train them to your max of lvl 3 when you had to subscribe to officially to improve it any to a greater extent."

"My husband and i also have been enjoying rs together for 8 years. I really like the time all of us spend together therein virtual world. SO FUN! Thank you actually rs for a lot of happy inexpensive time nights."

" 1 associated with my runescape memorys was reducing a magic tree diagram with my completely new dragon hatchet. next the head of my personal hatchet flying down when i wasn't looking, i possibly only chopped a few logs with that hatchet and so it was lost.. never to be viewed or used all over again... the good days of the past of runescape!! where by if people proceeded to go afk, there seemed to be some risk mired!"

"Today i had a kebab irl, this made me remenber the time period i was making use of it to complete the particular dragon slayer quest, back in meter 2009 when my partner and i started playing. Congratz you flattened up 1 year, now you are able to create 10 brand new quests and restore the old minigames"

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