Instructions towards RuneScape community from Mod MMG
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hey Everyone,

In the past six years I have had the immense pleasure of holding the position of CEO at Jagex. It is having a heavy heart i email you right now to explain everything that this will be my seventh and final year at Jagex when i will be leaving this fantastic company and amazing talented passionate team this December.

I’ve been wrestling with just how and when to say “goodbye” never to only every one of the amazing people at Jagex fat to your beloved RuneScape community. Have played a real seminal part around my life for what has seemed a very long time i have thoroughly enjoyed every minute serving both.

Plainly retrospect within the last seven years we’ve come an extremely long distance as a studio and no bigger testament of that is RuneScape. Now in this 14th year together, RuneScape continues to evolve and reinvent itself over and over again.

One of my proudest achievements at Jagex may be our efforts of tackling Botting and Gold Farming. When I first joined i thought this was a huge problem for your business i understand had plagued the action and community for several years. Today the experience is virtually bot free and also the introduction of Bonds, gold farming too has grown to be almost inexistent. 12 months on since Bonds was introduced, and i also am again so pleased so see numerous players reap the use of ages’ hard effort and loyalty.

Back in 2009, I pledged that we would start actually talking to our community more, and stop you all informed following a decade of perceived secrecy. Skip forward to 2014 and i believe we have done exactly that! The return of PvP in the Wilderness & Free Trade, the launch of Old School RuneScape and most recently, Legacy Mode, supply been driven by YOU!.

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