Halloween 2007
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The spooky months are here so we are reviving the 2007 Halloween event for everyone players, members and unengaged to play, to celebrate! It's time to pay Death an appointment...

Mansion of Death

The Mansion of Death is really a holiday event that basically stuck within the minds of people that completed it the government financial aid 2007, having a large number of players listing it one of their favourite holiday events ever.After discovering a near-complete version with the event hidden away somewhere, we thought that it might be an excellent chance to re-live probably the most memorable and loved regions of RuneScape history.As voted for with the community, the Mansion of Death creates it's return.

You could find the entrance for the Mansion of Death alongside the elemental wizards south of Falador. When you turn up at Death's house you are able to speak to him to get your tasks. All players get the portal and the event, both members and F2P.Along around Death's mansion you will see it can easily be fairly... Deadly. You'll want to refer to the manual he provides you with word-for-word, otherwise you might find yourself meeting an untimely demise.Obviously, as is the situation with every holiday event we hold, you are able to get yourself some goodies right at the end. Death is surprisingly generous and definately will sort you out of trouble along with your great amount of Halloween rewards.

Everyone that completes the wedding will receive two of every Halloween mask and also pumpkins. Also, if you've been incapable of join in last year's Halloween event you will obtain full skeleton set, a scythe, a black Halloween mask, a spook head plus the 'Scared' emote.

This year's event will reward you while using grim reaper hood, the zombie hand emote in addition to the capability to get green skin through the makeover mage.

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