Feel an affinity with Zaros?
Monday, September 15, 2014

NEW: Feel an affinity with Zaros? You will grab some awesome Zarosian outfits, emotes and teleports with his new Zaros bundle!

Available on Solomon's Country store, you'll be able to get 2 outfits - each having a unique emote - a remarkable teleport, The Mark of Zaros, as well as a number of titles you should use.

Zarosians, rejoice! Which gods do you wish to see similar bundles for in the future?

 I acquired this with Bonds, there goes 50m! Nevertheless it was worth it! Thanks RuneScape.--Glad you prefer it, Alex! What's your favourite some of it?--It will must be the fact that you may change outfits by having an EMOTE!!! It is so cool!

is it possible to put a loyalty point price equal to most products in a store if not completely of these? the main point of loyalty points is always to reward players to be an affiliate towards the game for some time nevertheless we're not able to really take advantage of it and members still have to get a ton of rune coins for starters overpriced item (whenever they desire to I would never buy it That i used to buy some spins but that had been the scariest thing ever) I do not think members really should have to pay for just a to only be subscribed also to take part in the full game, like yea you can preserve the buying options but the converter should have slower but free approaches to try everything when compared with the convenient but expensive ways. my point is though all pieces of the Solomon store really should have the possibility for being bought with loyalty points since the majority of folks have been racking them up but not using then. We have 318k points and I'd prefer to pay 200k points than 1k coins for something.

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