Monday, September 15, 2014

The Clan Cup 2014 initiated a policy of! Best of luck to everyone with the 400+ clans to own entered in your competitions.

Which clan have you been in? Let's hear why your clan is awesome!

Hay Jagex roughly the time should it require a f2p account being recovered I intend to buy membership the moment I recieve it but I heard that it takes longer as members are first in best dress its been 5-6 days therefore i just wish to know roughly how long would I have to wait? the account is sort of maxed I merely forgot it after making an ironman account .

That Saradomin Group, ITS AWESOME as your leader is amazing! and kind! and authoritative! and wonderful! and that we have uniforms! so we have nice members! so we have AWESOME roleplay events! we all know eachothers names! just everything .

I've got to apologise to my clan in my opinion not with him or her RS isn't working me- Runescape what day would be the deathtouch darts available?-- I used to be wondering that too, you'll be able to instakill jad and among those right?--They've this new thing called reading over it around the homepage. Test it sometime, you could possibly get it to be useful!

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