The revolutionary Starter Zone Interview

RuneScape devs are hard at work refining the 1st area that new players face when entering the sport. We managed to overtake Lewis Macguire to speak about the top modifications in the starter zone. Keep reading!

    Lewis Macguire: The trolls on Death Plateau ended up massing their forces on an attack within the 'stoo-ped hoo-mans' to the south, with the trollish intentions of smashing all of their homes, stealing almost all their stuff, so eating them (and their smashed houses!).RuneScape gold. 

 The Imperial Guard have mounted a defensive effort, and possess for the most part held back the trolls a result of the strategic layout in the area, however, the trolls became more sneaky and so are mounting underground assaults from your cave system.

Holding back this new threat leaves the time in Burthorpe and Taverley stretched thin; people are starving, the army is ill-equipped, and also the trolls' attacks have more ferocious every single day… The people need a hero. That's where you join the action.

Clan Cup Final Live Stream

Last week sees the grand finale on the Clan Cup take place, with both EoC and Legacy Combat Cups being dog-tired in Jagex Studios!
Titans Revolution and Wicked Fury have battled their approach to the superior in competitions and will also be slogging out inside a compilation of battles to prove that are the champions.

With all this, along with the massive Double XP weekend as well as the Well of Goodwill being re-opened, the Community Team is going to be running an eight-hour marathon live stream from 2pm UK time on 1st November.

With prizes being provided on air through the live stream, the Clan Cup Finals live from 5pm, and plenty of double XP excitement it becomes a shame to overlook - so be sure you tune into our Twitch channel marriage ceremony!

Halloween 2007

The spooky months are here so we are reviving the 2007 Halloween event for everyone players, members and unengaged to play, to celebrate! It's time to pay Death an appointment...

Mansion of Death

The Mansion of Death is really a holiday event that basically stuck within the minds of people that completed it the government financial aid 2007, having a large number of players listing it one of their favourite holiday events ever.After discovering a near-complete version with the event hidden away somewhere, we thought that it might be an excellent chance to re-live probably the most memorable and loved regions of RuneScape history.As voted for with the community, the Mansion of Death creates it's return.

You could find the entrance for the Mansion of Death alongside the elemental wizards south of Falador. When you turn up at Death's house you are able to speak to him to get your tasks. All players get the portal and the event, both members and F2P.Along around Death's mansion you will see it can easily be fairly... Deadly. You'll want to refer to the manual he provides you with word-for-word, otherwise you might find yourself meeting an untimely demise.Obviously, as is the situation with every holiday event we hold, you are able to get yourself some goodies right at the end. Death is surprisingly generous and definately will sort you out of trouble along with your great amount of Halloween rewards.

Everyone that completes the wedding will receive two of every Halloween mask and also pumpkins. Also, if you've been incapable of join in last year's Halloween event you will obtain full skeleton set, a scythe, a black Halloween mask, a spook head plus the 'Scared' emote.

This year's event will reward you while using grim reaper hood, the zombie hand emote in addition to the capability to get green skin through the makeover mage.

Fans'atitude to Heritage Mode

"mod guys can be conceal with different name..almost never can to know in the event it regular or mod player in the overall game..if he identify code no get mod"

"question :- can everyone start through 0?
cause it'll be better for those that didn't participate in EOC and everyone should enjoy rebuilding balances, hopefully.
just one last favor and I'm 100% sure I'm going to rejoin runescape and I believe many different do agree with me that oldschool needs to be available for f2p without generating new accounts."

" I'm hoping the opposite. For anyone who is going to control yourself with dated combat mechanics, be ready to be limited. EoC takes far more tact than simply just clicking and waiting and through in which extra effort arrives greater reward."

"Depends. I find myself just spamming identical abilities over well as over again anyways, also at things similar to nex and kk. In my opinion it's all a similar, abilities or fair clicking and the right time your specs/meal etc right. Therefore, I don't realise why the rewards need to differ all very much... Plus, if older is a achievement, we might possibly be seeing somewhat of an revival of the playerbase: I dislike seeing 5 man on the General electric all day inside lower-populated worlds, instead of your few hundred during the past."

"Complains about EOC: Gets oldschool, still gripes.
Complains about Wave: Reads Legacy status update, still gripes.

Bring back 07scape has converted into bring back 2012scape, but regardless if you are given the options to help regain them you keep complaining that EOC is within your universe, you can easily`t expect some others to be refused an evolved gambling experience and have your preferences mandatory.

Stop asking a firm to hinder their growth because you happen to be desperate for appreciation for the past, you are during our childhood and so are MMORPGs, evolve together or design your personal outdated gaming experience and share that with your doubting brethren, you could still complain because it doesn't feel enjoy it did when you're 12-16 yrs . old."

"While this generate makes me think rejoining, it's really kinda sad exactly how you're "teasing" "Bequest Mode", meaning the gameplay system you might have used for several years to everyone's pleasure but had to help abandon to attract new players... I suppose the dropping earnings are making older players interesting once more."

"Lots of persons didn't even perform before EOC. Physical exercises judge the "Heritage mode" and never even know the way it actually was."

Ironman & Drop Table Reworks

Steel yourselves for self-sufficient 'Scaping and rewarding combat in RuneScape this week.

Ironman mode is here - a community favourite now supported in-game, where you'll forge your own path in the world: making everything with your own hands, claiming every precious drop yourself - all without the help of others.

It's a fresh challenge for experienced players, and there are prestigious titles and chat badges, plus dedicated hiscores to conquer.

Beast and ghosts' drop tables have also been improved, following your vote earlier in the year. Fighting them is more rewarding overall, and can yield new, tradeable boots for mid-level rangers, or ghostly essence, which can be used to upgrade the ectoplasmator.

Read on for full details!

The particular Cadarn clan will certainly host the greatest Guild

If you've got a layer of assignment or at minimum a skill stage 99, you could access the nearly all garden which includes a portal areas while improving skills and also colonies Divinisation Runiverso high amount.

If you except time at maximum, your Guild building is where where you desire to be. Includes its have Grand Market, fireplace, coffer bank as well as master challenges, and also a combat site delivers instant access to some number of elderly bosses. For those that prefer to view from above, the throne of celebrity is made ??to be able to order.

The clan will Crwys miraculous trees, strangling common ivy, a spiritual shrub and several plantation plots, including just one from old timber (level 90 farming).

The guild offers Trahaearn rocks filled with ores high standard including new stones Seren (level eighty-nine Mining), which are the approximate throttle common ivy Mining equivalent drug of PE big great unfilled catalog ore.

RuneScape player fantasy becomes simple fact

"We are pleased that our dream to travel on the UK and look at the RuneFest, is truly true. If many of us did not purchase the flight, your accommodation and the CrystalCoins RuneScape Provides can, that wouldn't be realistic for people was, "says Aaron James. "We have been extremely excited and look forward insanely, to meet up with next month the J-Mods plus some of our players of RuneScape."

Due to the fact its debut inwards September 2013 with regards to 2.3 thousand RuneScape Bonds were purchased. About 50% were redeemed with regard to membership, with 35.6 million antecedently acquired membership nights. The introduction from the Bonds also received an immediate as well as dramatic effect along Goldfarming in the game that took off within a couple of weeks by 81%, along with helped to secure a more static game economy. In the past year the area has placed in excess of 316,500,thousand gold coins in trade in RuneScape Bonds.

"Your community has consumed the bonds last year with open biceps and bought many millions of them and redeemed. 1 year later pay pretty much 20% of the particular RuneScape players with regards to memberships by his or her in-game and also half of the particular RuneCoins premium currency exchange comes from the actual redemption of the actual bonds, "said Phil Mansell, Vice President of RuneScape. "It's also helped to stabilize the economy and keeps video game Goldfarming and Botting lower than in the past."

Runescape Retail store Solomon Extensions bank

I can currently offer five much more bank prints, each with an more 50 spaces. Actually up to 400 extra spaces, doing infinite, or almost !, your storage opportunities.

Are you fortunate enough to own many more objects? Are ones arms tired which enables it to not charge to a greater extent? Your inventory is definitely bursting and your current bank full of kit?Well you're fortunate, because I have the perfect solution for you personally!

Get your unexampled extensions and counter in my store! You can gain in RuneCoins redeeming oriflammes in the overall game by clicking with 'Buy RuneCoins' around my store, or at our billing immediately.

Come early in the game shop to declare hello. They could meet south on the Grand Market.

Till next time,


In Situation You Obtain Lobsters The Much more Cash
No that isn't the way by which out within this dungeon is in reality a navicular bone fragments bone fracture that you can press through which usually certified potential shoppers you to approximately personal place.Prior to a docking place may be house and inside of is a person known as Luthas. Talk about with him to get offered the steps.
The celery social city village is around the back of Luthas' residence typically up the street. There are many vegetation in to each one place and this village maintains all around 5 celery. You only basically rs rare metal choose the flora to choose the particular celery and unlike a lot of varied other abilities throughout Runescape, this doesn't take any time - it's immediate, and that's why this job can be be extremely financially satisfying.
The pet cage is at the summit side of Luthas' house plus it needs 10 cultivated celery to accept seeing that finish. You get 24 areas inside your stock, to make the most sum of cash in the quickest possible time make sure you include 20 areas monetary value-free and get choose 2 wire crate fulls of oatmeal at the identical time.
Immediately essentially simply choose your pet cage and pick "Fill Crate". Usually do not basically choose the actual celery from your stock or you'll certainly eat these people.
As soon as being the pet cage is definitely complete, come time for Luthas and make contact with him. Talk going to him once far more to do that again the motion as soon while he provides you the particular agreement. Now you possibly can generally do it can and again and obtain 1000gp in a good time. Now, if you would like be an in fact excellent gamer, in case you see various other 100 % completely no cost players having complications for cash, show them the better methods to beget earnings in Runescape merely by simply selecting a few bananas!
Instructions towards RuneScape community from Mod MMG

Hey Everyone,

In the past six years I have had the immense pleasure of holding the position of CEO at Jagex. It is having a heavy heart i email you right now to explain everything that this will be my seventh and final year at Jagex when i will be leaving this fantastic company and amazing talented passionate team this December.

I’ve been wrestling with just how and when to say “goodbye” never to only every one of the amazing people at Jagex fat to your beloved RuneScape community. Have played a real seminal part around my life for what has seemed a very long time i have thoroughly enjoyed every minute serving both.

Plainly retrospect within the last seven years we’ve come an extremely long distance as a studio and no bigger testament of that is RuneScape. Now in this 14th year together, RuneScape continues to evolve and reinvent itself over and over again.

One of my proudest achievements at Jagex may be our efforts of tackling Botting and Gold Farming. When I first joined i thought this was a huge problem for your business i understand had plagued the action and community for several years. Today the experience is virtually bot free and also the introduction of Bonds, gold farming too has grown to be almost inexistent. 12 months on since Bonds was introduced, and i also am again so pleased so see numerous players reap the use of ages’ hard effort and loyalty.

Back in 2009, I pledged that we would start actually talking to our community more, and stop you all informed following a decade of perceived secrecy. Skip forward to 2014 and i believe we have done exactly that! The return of PvP in the Wilderness & Free Trade, the launch of Old School RuneScape and most recently, Legacy Mode, supply been driven by YOU!.

Feel an affinity with Zaros?

NEW: Feel an affinity with Zaros? You will grab some awesome Zarosian outfits, emotes and teleports with his new Zaros bundle!

Available on Solomon's Country store, you'll be able to get 2 outfits - each having a unique emote - a remarkable teleport, The Mark of Zaros, as well as a number of titles you should use.

Zarosians, rejoice! Which gods do you wish to see similar bundles for in the future?

 I acquired this with Bonds, there goes 50m! Nevertheless it was worth it! Thanks RuneScape.--Glad you prefer it, Alex! What's your favourite some of it?--It will must be the fact that you may change outfits by having an EMOTE!!! It is so cool!

is it possible to put a loyalty point price equal to most products in a store if not completely of these? the main point of loyalty points is always to reward players to be an affiliate towards the game for some time nevertheless we're not able to really take advantage of it and members still have to get a ton of rune coins for starters overpriced item (whenever they desire to I would never buy it That i used to buy some spins but that had been the scariest thing ever) I do not think members really should have to pay for just a to only be subscribed also to take part in the full game, like yea you can preserve the buying options but the converter should have slower but free approaches to try everything when compared with the convenient but expensive ways. my point is though all pieces of the Solomon store really should have the possibility for being bought with loyalty points since the majority of folks have been racking them up but not using then. We have 318k points and I'd prefer to pay 200k points than 1k coins for something.


The Clan Cup 2014 initiated a policy of! Best of luck to everyone with the 400+ clans to own entered in your competitions.

Which clan have you been in? Let's hear why your clan is awesome!

Hay Jagex roughly the time should it require a f2p account being recovered I intend to buy membership the moment I recieve it but I heard that it takes longer as members are first in best dress its been 5-6 days therefore i just wish to know roughly how long would I have to wait? the account is sort of maxed I merely forgot it after making an ironman account .

That Saradomin Group, ITS AWESOME as your leader is amazing! and kind! and authoritative! and wonderful! and that we have uniforms! so we have nice members! so we have AWESOME roleplay events! we all know eachothers names! just everything .

I've got to apologise to my clan in my opinion not with him or her RS isn't working me- Runescape what day would be the deathtouch darts available?-- I used to be wondering that too, you'll be able to instakill jad and among those right?--They've this new thing called reading over it around the homepage. Test it sometime, you could possibly get it to be useful!

Weekly round-up

RuneScape what did you do to abyssal demons?? I'd prefer them to look like the old concept art here. that's the new cocept art, the old concept art is what they went for. they changed the colour though.

RS Is a Great Game and i usually agree with the changes they developers have made (EoC FTW!) >>BUT<< These Capes Look Like Absolute Crap. I will not be looking for shards to make these monstrosities...

I voted for the cape update a while ago and have been cheerfully waiting to see what the new look would be. Now, im just annoyed that i voted to create such trash

So excited for the elf city... Possibly even more excited for the new slayer master... Kuradal hates me with a passion.Cooking/Crafting/Construction cape combined? That or awesome protective helmet to wear during the one goblin quest when he blows up the cauldron.

It is back, but it's purely cosmetic now. When modifying your rewards via the statues in the wave waiting rooms, when selecting XP you select the skill you want it in right there and you're awarded with BXP at the end of each wave.

wtf is 100% exp aura next time in use more 276 dys for 2 some bug or them change it again ? for bring us bot enough hard lvl up, and no any one play years any day alot for some good skills..-- If you read the update more attentively, you'd know that Enlightenment was just a Summer thing and will be back next summer, it is no bug whatsoever.

The capes from the elf clans look AMAZING but I'm sorry, these new capes look half assed and horrible. I expected a lot more.

game live fusion Twitch

True of "RuneScape" has been coupled with Twitch live so players don't need to open a software when it's possible to live over the game.


To celebrate the experience with Twitch integration, its maker Jagex game company yesterday also conducted 4 hours of live games on the copy guard by Spiderlord Araxxor  new entrants amongst people were explored.

Jagex game company also declared that only "RuneScape" amongst gamers combined with the ability to live in the long run it's another being tested online "Transformers  Universe OL" is going to be added to the feature.

Around the game live:

Currently last the play in the game happens to be mainstream, many players sustain livelihoods like this, or even success. However, don't assume all games live players can  do it, as it needs the support of powerful computing devices and expensive broadcast equipment, and by Twitch with the game, making accomplishing this more standard live, I really believe the near future will there are several games draw about this practice.

Treasures of Tirannwn

Complete Plague's End and you'll generate the biggest reward yet bestowed by a RuneScape quest: usage of Prifddinas, Lost City of the Elves - coming soon.

We're putting the finishing touches towards the city now, and you'll visualize it open next a couple of months.\

Here is the update of the season: an entirely new city to understand more about, crammed to its crystalline rafters rich in-level content - as voted for by you.

Prifddinas will become a property hub for players of level 75 up, offering training on the eight elven clans, Grand Exchange access, new transport options and amazing  crystal weaponry.

The Elf City will open very soon, but fo the time being, Plague's End has other rewards so that you can enjoy.

First there is not any below 500,000 XP across 10 skills. There is also the exoskeleton - a marvellous machine which has a choice of thieving benefits. Finally, you get a fresh title: "from the Elves".

Legacy Mode Beta - Update, 27th June

The latest batch of updates and fixes for the Legacy Mode Beta is now live.

Today, we've brought you a bunch more old-style animations, fixed fast item switching, and generally tuned up the content so it's slicker and better balanced.

Read on for full details, or log into the beta and start playing.

Legacy Mode Updates

Today, the following changes have been made in the beta, for Legacy Mode itself:

Old-style animations have been introduced.
There is no longer lag when switching items.
Enchanted bolts now work in Legacy Mode.
Healing from portents now displays correctly in Legacy Mode.
Damage of special attacks in Legacy Mode has been tweaked based on feedback.
Always-on chat can now be toggled by right-clicking the 'All' chat option.

We actually had the ideal memories in RS

"I remember bounty hunter the original a single  but not crucible! also special violence! those were awe-inspiring  i would enjoy old school yet i love awesome exchange so yes... brilliant game although a little ruined by change, we wish they could release another thing like oldschool but the day before eoc."

"From the when the r2h was a baby blue stick. while arrows were eco-friendly dots and miraculous spells were azure dots. This game was at sixteen bit graphics at this point it's 64bits with high def."

" Capitulation of 2004, walk in the wilds after I lastly got to perform at home rather than just at school.. I used to be on dial up and I saved the client.. Consequently Im walking over the wilderness and bang a pile I mean A PILE connected with bronze and iron swords and battle suits.. boy was We excited.. it can get bashed for this, but when sweet treasure came out in fally W2 folks would sell old staffs for 150k ea, inside varrock you may trade them intended for granite mauls (1M at some time) and cannons.. sensed bad but such good cash flow!"

"Running rune bars from Fat Investor to Bluerose to create Rune squares... Also trading coal intended for runebars to Extra fat Trader as very well... Giving away all my christmas crackers the year after they dropped... Giving away all my my personal masks when i quit for the actual 6th time... One of the most memorable moment during my RS history has been when I was a student in Draynor and that will witch stole like 5g from everyone or something.I called her a very bad name haha and one of the gowers teleported myself to their top floor apartment."

"I remember when runescape, the same as IO interactive's hitman franchise, altered to attract fresh people but never stay true to their most loyal players"

Here!Many of us show our thoughts on runescape

"From the the time using the awesome graphics, rather than to easy to obtain overpowered, oh hang on, i'm playing outdated school, that's the Runescape that is moderate playing."

"From the going on manufactured it first morning it was created and i is at primary school i remember going along first time in addition to doing the benefits world where you decide to go do cutting timber baking magic smithing and exploration then the very first time u go in the world and inwards lumbridge, and ones like wow the experience has begun then i ever since already been on it everyday and remember the changing times when at university going im stage 30 and seeking to be higher stage then everyone during my class."

"Having to use the forums to find a seller raw Xiphias gladius cert's', then taking them to Draynor to be exchanged into angle one load during a period, then after preparing food, spending hours throughout Draynor exchanging your cooked swordfish pertaining to cert's before going back back to the particular forums to get a buyer. And truly making a benefit from this!"

" I bear in mind before the EoC when EVERY world was strong every server.And that i had to swap servers to several foreign country to be able to solo some bandos, the good news is they have just like 10 players on, and maximum amount of players on any world is the particular LRC world using 500 players, which can be infested with software.Now there's just over 100 on any world.Runescape's last season is 2014 if you roll back EoC."

"The old combat system has been boring compared to the current one. At initial, you attack the opponent, occasionally eat along with/or pot, and hope the beast dies. Now you have a bigger variety of the way to end the fight. Like most individuals, I didn't desire to go on the EoC beta and practice getting the hands of the new combat system, but due to acquaintance pressure, I located the system enjoyment and adaptable. I've played since middle of the-2008 and I'm glad of this updates Jagex has generated."

" I remember hours of adventuring, the straightforward days though was filled with software, it was tolerable with friends. Grooving in G.At the or Racing anyone finishes the safety guild first is just about the activities I helpful to enjoy. good instances."

The precious memories inside RS

" I recall fighting an antediluvian mage the evening desert treasure came out. Ice magic was crazy. The twenty-four hours the brimhaven donjon launched was amazing too. When I got my first skill ness. Fondest memory had been blown away whenever classic changed in rs2."

"The first-time I won a higher stakes DA match 650m with some sort of phat for A phat and three or more sets of debbie claws when they where new. The match went on for 4 units and 32 moments. It was the anything goes match up I swaped arhims and good bandos with the actual ags and deb claw combo. Bought him with a new 112 for a KO one attack."

" I remember being 12 and having this very extensive on the web family tree!And we all lived with Rimmington, and every afternoon after institution we'd just broil cake and try to sell them infront of Varrock West traditional bank."

" So many full memories versus the few bad people but my fondest has been in Catherby to be a low lvl battle and being bombarded by The Unpleasant Chicken. As I am swinging my Rune Scimmy, wearing my own Frog Leathers the opposite fishermen are having bets how lengthy I'll last in addition to who would have the stuff I dropped. They all grumbled as One killed the chicken. I still similar my Frog Leathers once in awhile and miss that evil chicken sometimes."

"I believe it is amazing how farmville will mute anyone for 2 days and nights and tell you to look at your current active offenses as to why. But when you appear at the criminal acts it says congratulations you have no active offenses next to you but you are still muted for zero reason. Nice Jagex thanks for the awesome reasonings."

" i recall old runescape as soon as it was entertaining for me along with my friends then when i got ninety nine cooking then doing some fishing i also remeber when i obtained my first whipe for iv mil and bought 70 attack i used to be only lvl seventy one using a whiplash lol...sigh my partner and i miss those times."

Our reminiscences about runesacape

"I recall back in year 2000 before they caused it to be 3-D there is always santa loath drops at karjama docks in i got 3 santas n these were only worth 400k then 8 weeks later it would be a cpl mill i'd been pissd lol."

"Going in like RS 2.5 or something like that there was a large new graphical bring up to date that let the particular screen be broader and enhanced the end results and details. All of us thought that would definitely make Runescape negative, when ultimately, that's the last good memory in RS. RS 07-10 FTW."

" I liked when there had been jobs, and One miss the initial tutorial island which is how I first learned to enjoy, you spawn within a hut, get used to moving around in addition to go to all the npcs to learn the different skills as well as train them to your max of lvl 3 when you had to subscribe to officially to improve it any to a greater extent."

"My husband and i also have been enjoying rs together for 8 years. I really like the time all of us spend together therein virtual world. SO FUN! Thank you actually rs for a lot of happy inexpensive time nights."

" 1 associated with my runescape memorys was reducing a magic tree diagram with my completely new dragon hatchet. next the head of my personal hatchet flying down when i wasn't looking, i possibly only chopped a few logs with that hatchet and so it was lost.. never to be viewed or used all over again... the good days of the past of runescape!! where by if people proceeded to go afk, there seemed to be some risk mired!"

"Today i had a kebab irl, this made me remenber the time period i was making use of it to complete the particular dragon slayer quest, back in meter 2009 when my partner and i started playing. Congratz you flattened up 1 year, now you are able to create 10 brand new quests and restore the old minigames"

Share all our memories of runescape!

"From the before they explained RS2 would remain free if men and women voted for that, they said Runescape 2 would ALWAYS be totally free. If it had been always free, they do not need to have people vote on there, the having folks voting for it had been an forced substitute for give RS2 a chance to turn to P2P, if it works out P2P, the players can't really guilt Jagex for the idea. The voting it to be F2P was only to get increased earnings(if it ended up P2P) and free advertisement since folks would talk concerning this to other folks and try to get them to vote."

"When every minute was packed together with planning, action ,along with excitement where Protections had a function and you may be attacked anywhere. Whenever training on Dark-colored Knights was the important challenge."

" I recall the days people use dragon claws/armadyl godsword specific attack to knock out others in pvp(wildy, soul conflicts, etc) that slice and dice(four swift slashes) or the judgement(1 effective slash) can deal lots of damage to opponent within a number of game ticks and all of other special assaults(e.g. korasi sword, saradomin sword, and so forth)…truly amazing!

Jagex, now you made EoC directly into RS(removed particular attack), have an individual forgetten to include passive effect to the weapons that used to own special attack? (We appreciate you include the passive consequences into godswords, but you have forgotten flying lizard claws, saradomin brand, and anything more that falls in to this)"

"I miss running for playing from enemies since they didn't always have to be clicked to invasion. The Old Sorcerer Tower before it really is impossibly laggy revise. I miss the earlier way the virtual representations of personnel used to stand, walk, and function before EoC. I do not like how grandiloquent the avatars looking now. I misfire the old people to the avatars as well, as well as hate how they will stand while within combat, or jogging from combat. One miss when the actual staffs were kept like a walking stick. I miss the old combat, and the way certain moves looked so much chillier and more mystical then what incorporates EoC. I skip when the gamy seemed dangerous, now it is too easy, whilst a noob. I still play and i also don't mind EoC so practically...but it's truly not as enjoyment as it used to be before EoC. JS. Everything ahead of EoC was a new masterpiece of simplicity. Now it's just been changed too considerably."

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